Tuesday, April 26, 2011

shock me boo

this upcoming thursday i 'll sit for my nihon-go final exam..but i didn't revise anything..can i give up on this paper? yes i will..don't advise me anything..if i said i won't..i mean it..i am not stress or whatnot..i am just too lazy for this paper..all i want is to be home or to eat something western,.the past 3 days i have tried all famous foods in penang,laksa janggus la,pasemboqq la,char kue tiaw bawah pokok laa..yes..i did interrupted my sister and her hubby's vacation to Penang..haha..i don't care..lol

i am craving for something western now..urghhh..i xtahan dah makanan kat sini unless my mom's cooking,..makan hari2 pon xjemu..,i am imagining myself  on the white beach sand's and having sunbath.gagaga...i hate sunbath or whatever that can burn my skin..but i need something or anything that can sooth me nowwww...i feel like wanna punch myself..i am sleepy though..:(

i miss you right now ,i miss to sleep on your shoulder, i miss to cry on it :'(
but i will never change my decision..bye

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