Friday, April 22, 2011

hitam itu manis

okayla..since now i have 5 days gap before the next exam,i will blog something across my mind just now..i always have a crush on guys yang hitam manis..okay..just skip that my current bf also that hitam manis*boo..:D
for me, men shouldn't be too fairerrrr like women if they want to look macho or masculine (as just in my opinion)
tapi janganlah hitam legam..tanned should be nice for men..i am real typical malay girl because i don't have any korean guys*actors as my idol..i just love to see their attitude(very d gentleman and romantic) but physically for  me, they just look like aww aww yang buat pembedahan plastik.. offense to die heard korean's fanatic fans okay ..chill chill..:)

macho niii..ignore the tatoos
psst: no one knows what i feel right i miss the past of my life and if i can turn back my life in 6 years ago i will give all my best effort to defend those part T-T..i know i shouldn't be like this..ok..dah tengah hari..nak tido

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