Thursday, December 9, 2010

my different routine

well...the tittle is not really suits on what i mean.. by the ways..yesterday was my plenty of birthday wishes via inbox,messages,facebook and phone calls..thanx everyone...but nothing to review about coz i'm not with everyone wrtite friend ,my boifie or even my family..the baby is exclude..lolz..

seems my niece never had experience going where ever with bus, so i took her yesterday and ride the campus sis need to study for her, alang2 we went to pharmacy and i bought 2 items for scin care..i mean mine la.. i bought himalaya walnut scrub and organic aid vitamin e moisturizing cream like below

btw, i must promote you allss the himalaya scrub..i applied it on my face last night and feels so licin after i rinsed my face..lolzz..but no good for the moisturizer has stated on the bottle that it is non sticky and non no sticky !!!!! goshhhh!

oh..and i just reviewed about the organic aid moisturizer, many complained about it..huh!


Layla Zahara Isabelle said...

happy belated birthday sya!!
sorry lmbt wish..
xtau birthday ko..

sya rossa said...

hahaha..wokey2 :)