Monday, December 27, 2010

all in one update!

 hello hello..been very busy..i just have one week at home and there's no time to update....sbb knala spend time bersama org2 tersyg..and internet kat umah da tade...Alahai..T__T..bbbtwayss...i have no pics at all..ade act tp godek2 kamera sume buruk giler..T.T...

1st..spend time with my family..went out for dinner with my parents,accompany my sis bought her new lappy and went to TM survey the streamyx and so on..malas la plak nk citer..but for me..being with the whole family is the best therapy and best thing to do with..kan kan..oh..i miss you guys..for sure aliff will miss me..miss to fight with me..lolol...

2nd..went shopping for my stuffs..ok..bkn shopping pon...beli2 je..tudung, pnggan mgkuk,shirt.. da mcm baru nak msuk u balikje..

aahh..thanx my sis for giving me ed hardy t'shirt..though i didn't adore that brand anymore..wohu

last but not least , met my 1st i was refuse to meet him cause we are not in good situation for the past few that i'll not be able to meet him soon(i don't know for how long but i wish i can meet u again this PENANG ..ok) initially it was ok..but the last hours, bad thing happened..won;t story here ..bile recalled balik it was funny thoughhh...and sad..lolol..there's no pic taken cause i sgt selekeh  that day...but i miss u syg...:P

gambar bdk kecik dgn her mum saja yg menjadi...padahal muke sndri yg xmkn gambar...lolz

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