Monday, December 6, 2010

i is ashamed

i've made a's friggin' embrassing myself..can i pull it back? maybe it will haunt my life after this or it will be clear things...nga nga nga nga...i wish i didn't confess anything last nite..:"..but i did ...whatevers la..i did that stupid thing   so i should confessla..urgh..maybe not...sigh..T.T sem begin on 27th dec..a few more weeks to go...i need some make up stuff of mine..a basic one la..

*empro liquid eyeliner
*m.a.c foundation(maybe i should skip this..i just need dual foundation compact powder)

i just use basics..but i must use best compact compact and compact powder..

i have fair skin but dull and pale...i want it look radiant..naturally...i must work on it...T.T

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