Wednesday, December 29, 2010

start count your finger

hello hello milo...happy new year in advanced!so far..i don't have  any resolution this year..ah.i previous resolution sumenye xm tercapai...sbb ? ask have my wish list + must have list for this upcoming new year! :)

  • score score for this sem
  • be more solicitous to people around me
  • jadi gadis yg sgt proper..:)
  • pndai msak..boleh x? :P
  • make my parents feel happy with me
  • slim,slim,slim,slim..SLIM
  • belajar berjimat cermat 
  • doesn't procrastinate anymore..rase ni anagn2 kosong kott..heh
  • more deeplier in love with my mister K
  • be a good hamba ALLAH 
  • good health
  • good mind
  • make difference a bit

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