Friday, December 31, 2010

i can't tell how much i miss you

Gratisan Musik

you know what..i miss you so much mister..tremendous feeling..maybe we are apart now...although we haven't meet just almost 5 days but for me it is like 5 months..i am waiting you here..cause i need you so calm me, to make me comfy know i hate been miss you a lot...

you know me well.. you know i always start a fight with...with no reasons..but i love you..deep in my heart..i want to be serene with the best moment..with you much sweet talk here..:P...i discover i am not romantic at all...i;m pointing my finger over you but now i admit..i am the one who say less the sweet word to you but you didn't get bored to say it to me everyday..thank you..:)

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