Sunday, October 24, 2010

i am not in good mood

yes...this is my theraphy:

4.maher zain

i feel like isolated...i can't breath at all after took that holy shit antibiotics..i went outing for the whole day today even sometime i was in pain.. it was bittersweet...but i don;t want to make any updates in this entry about's not that i don't appreciate people but the matter is how you keep telling yourself ensure in everything...i write this for me..

sometimes i feel like there's a big hole whichever place that not everyone our heart but we just ignore it...what the hell i keep fucking my words..i am not heart broken..i am happy with's not all about that...

sometimes we just learn the real ones are but sometimes it just trepassing our line..i made self assumption...i always ask more than i should coz i know when there's a time i will give you more than you should...ok..just reverse the thing...

aku ckp nk maher zain padahal aku tengah dgr lagu SOD..A.T.W.A ...hmmm

whatever your life is or my life is..keep a faith..keep your spirit have the one..the ALMIGHTY one...HE never far away from you if you always remember HIM...INSYAALLAH

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