Friday, October 22, 2010

wide awake

it is 2.06 guysss! it supposed afternoon kan..bvia ah..i ma wide wake now...i mean..really wideeeeeeeeeeeeee!..:D ..planned to wake up at 10 ape boleh a replacement class at 5 till 7 pm..will going to hospital to check my skin T____T....Pegi cimb buat account i don't know la kalo xjadi pegi..coz it's quite late and i even xmandi pon lagi..ah...pemalas...

i woke up late today..ok i always it doesnt matter..the big matter here is I can;t stop my urge to eat....i mean snacks bkn nasi..kalo nasi mau berat aku 50 kg da skrang maa...ok la..i wan't to take my brunch now..0at biscuit and milo diet..T____T


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