Wednesday, March 2, 2011

idea ooo idea

see..i love USM damn much..*sarcastic a bit :P
stole it form eida desu blog

OMGJAYYYYYYYY...i was trying to find any good idea 4 my persuasive speech..and nothing is ok for me..i mean the title is not bad but i don't know what should I write for the's hard to convince people and persuade them..i don;t know mee..:'(

such a busy week for next week..i can't wait to see my bf, i have a midterm to go and for sure..this fucking hard speech..oh GOD..please show me the me the wayyyyyyy..

rase cam nk balik another week..i need to be'm not totally homesick cause there are a lot of things to be settle here..midterm,assignment, speech and whatnot..semoga semua baik baik aja..

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