Thursday, March 24, 2011

best medicine

when i have loads of assignments to finish, i started to eat loads of foods..i eat,eat and eat again..munching everything in front of my eyes..sorry,i can't stop munching..when i am happy, then my eating habit back to normal again..i'm clueless..maybe i am very stress now..i have bunch of coursemates and i stay up  at foyer until dawn just to finish our assignment..we don't have enough time more..all we need to stay awake until dawn or prof will failed our coursework..i am tired of this matter..i'm panting..i need space, i'm gasping for oxygen..GOD...haish..semester will end soon..fuhh...i hope everything will be smooth..INSYAALLAH

muke2 procrastinator

this is when we finish our last speech yesterday! hip hip hurey!

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