Friday, March 18, 2011


a few days ago...i saw a beautiful rainbow..i am so overwhelmed..i have no idea why..maybe the beauty of the rainbow and i think it has been ages i didn't saw it..the power  of GOD..YEA..he can create everything..every sweet thing,disaster, is all on his hand..we plan He determines

i am happy and  i am sad..everyone updates their status stated that they will going back home bla bla..i'm still stuck here with a lot of things to submit and whatsoever..kadang-kadang sakit hati pun ade..xnak belajar lagi bole?..kerja xpernah abis..hari2 tambah yang baru..xpe..tabah..but i have a reason to be  happy cause my mister still accompany me here..he will going back home maybe this monday.ok..that's sad..but i need to control my feeling..we want to be forever not temporary..i need to keep that in mind..sabo je le

i miss my home so much..if i don't have a lot of tasks, rela balik kot weekend..bia bontot sakit nek bas lame2 pon..demi family aku rela..kann..T-T..

die xnk ambik pic malam2..flash make him darker..NOT

thanks for bought me a lot of

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