Wednesday, March 16, 2011

natural revolution

sebenarnye kena practise speech mlm ni disbbkan last week postpone..bile kali kedua mls plak nk practise...pdhl belom memorise ape2 lagi..sebab sy malas sgt skrg ni..and rase nak balik yg amat amat..believe it or not..i slept  from 7 pm untill 11 pm..damn mengantuk.malas giler nk mandi,nk smbhyg ,nak buat ape2 la..bile bangun terus rindu family kt rumah..rindu dkt kucing..rindu kt bf xpe..few days nt jumpe balik awk lepas tu entah macam mne la sy sini xleh umpe awk smpi bln 5 :'(

boleh x ,xnk buat assignment, xnk amik final paper..nk balik..nk jumpe family..haish..lame kot xbertemu..kalo la aq study kt UMT ,ari2 balik..hehe..rindu rindu rindu T_T

back to the topic,..natural revolution..ok..this related to the natural disaster happened to nihon-jin few days ago..tsunami means a lot to us..walaupun kite xkena tp bagi sy itu mungkin sign yg tuhan nak tunjuk..banyak kot kt fb ke internet ke..psl tsunami ni..and the relation with the final day..who knows..just now, i read an article from yahoo page stated that this tsunami makes our days shorter because it altered the earth location..mung teralih byk kot..i don't know..i'm not an expert to explain about it..

but i realised that we know that it will happen but we do nothing..the powerful of GOD..nothing can challenge canggih cane pon..GOD just sent water and everything ruined..MASYAALLAH..i know,you know and we know..but we did not start anything to change..yes..i simply said it to myself..i hope i can change and be a better person..INSYAALLAh

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