Monday, March 14, 2011

the countdown is now over :)

After big  fight, kicking each other asses, slap each other faces,..ok,part kick, slap tu drama we finally met after  37 days apart, we stick again..heh..i miss him so much.. I wouldn’t believe I’ll be able  to carry this short  LDR...but we made it!..officially it has been towards a year..still new born ni..haha..we through a lot of things ..tears  and laugh are our bestfriends J  he knows how to handle me when I’m emo or when I cried..IDK..i hope everything will be fine ever..i know we are going to through a lot of thing soon..there is still a long journey wait for us..may everything is undercontrol..insyaallah..i know i am a baby person..but i'm trying to be matured :)

kredit to me pndai amik pic

and credit to him xpndai amik


IMAfiq said... sweet....god bless both of you...InshaAllah

Señorita Layla Zahara said...

comel gila! :)