Friday, March 11, 2011

i have a message..*more actually

*i hope we are all safe from any prayer is together with Japanese..hope everything is under control..InsyaAllah

*f*** off to people who just made joke with the tsunami in Japan..there's no time to panggil ultraman ke ape..WTF are you joking with?

* at this moment i just want to be home, with my family, my dirty-ugly cat, ..i love to be a couch potato again :)

*edited* i should delete what i wrote..haha

*i stay in my room and i eat like there's no more tomorrow

*i feel want to curse everything out, i know it is not good



DOVE... said...

im new blogger here:)
i blogwalking jz now,then tjmpe ur blog..
keep in touch ya,do vsit my blogsite:)

IMAfiq said...


sya rossa said...

ha..why sorry?
dove: okay :)

Amiera Hilton said...

pray for Japan and Islam :)