Wednesday, March 16, 2011

we live in a different world

tiap2 ari ade je task baru..hari ni dpt lagi 4th speech tuk mggu dpn..pdhl td bru siap 3rd week da last speech..apo nk buek..tmbh lagi test yg bukan satu tapi byk..assignment jgn ckp ah..major2 lain sume dh ready tuk final kot..dak english selalu last2..:( nasib badan la..xbole da nk duk ngadap laptop and movie marathon..sampai sakit2 kepala teleng sbb meniarap ats katil kpla ngadap lptop..

haa..sbnrnye xtaw nk tulis ape..kahahkah..bodo je suke ntah fingers cramp cause i did laundry myself :( haa...ok.dudeeeeeeeeeee

while i was doing laundry just now,i think of something..guess what?? ok..KAHWIN for me is like around 24 - 25,,not below then 24..i always want to get married on these ages..i really do..why? ok la..let me give you my plan...after i graduated i want to find a jod,,not too selected but ok la with my degree,..skrg kan degree dah mcm spm..makin xde xleh la nak fussy sgt bab kerja ni..ade gaji and cukup untuk tggung mase depan..then when i am in 24 i want to get engaged and early age of 25 i want to kahwin..yeay..nak baby cepat2 :)

i always told  that to my BF and i know he actually doesn;t agree with me..for him 26,27 is better cause maybe he think he wants to stabilized his life's economy or whatnot..ya la..i want that also..i want my future husband already have evrything before married..kereta,rumah..just the basics la..tu keperluan hidup and everybody needs it..

tadi,sy lunch kt PETAS BUBUS..and i saw  a married couple went there for lunch together with their son..i saw they just naik motorsikal  tengah2 panas..kesian jugak tgok.. a nutshell..we need to establish our life walaupun kite nak kahwin awal..ngeh ngeh..khas untuk sy sebenarnye :)

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