Tuesday, March 8, 2011

skip class if you don't have heart

i do prefer to skip class today..morning class..i woke up early but i don't want to go..my answer? saja..i always told myself i hate literature so much..i mean half of the semester i do love it but when there is a changes of lecturer i am not interested anymore..i don't understand at all..why every novel need to be so complicated ? i can't think implicit-ly.. i just understand the surface of the novel..what is told is what i know..that's all..

tomorrow is my 3rd speech..speech outline still not done yet.I hope I can be more confident than before..help me dear Almighty.. everything should be start and end smoothly..

oh ya..i'm sorry and feel guilty cause i just realised that i just call my mum if i don't have money..sorry..love you umi and abah..:)

don't expect me to have  a lot of friends cause i just have 10 classmates plus eibah,ina,rehan,etc etc..<30 kot..