Monday, March 7, 2011

Review: Bio-Essence Hydra Spa Energy Nourishing Sleeping Mask

saje je nk mereview..muke sy sejak dua menjak ni ada masalah jerawat and hydrating problems..muka asyik nak , i tried this bio essence hydra spa energy ni..and i can say i am totally satisfied..why? because i actually had the problem since 1 weeks and I used many methods to reduce it..but nothing last night I cubela pakai and it is not like peel off masker..u just put it on ur face, sleep and when you wake up just rinse it with water..and hell ya..i am free from kulit yang menggelupas..kahkah..but my face still nk berkawan dgn jerawat..kahkahkah..geram..

actually it is not like 100% berkesan but just i can see the changes on my skin..and thank for that..oh ya..and my face feels more moisturized after using it..tq:P