Friday, March 4, 2011

throw out everything when your are ready

again..i'm coming with the lame ideas..i love writing but i'm suck in generating  ideas..
I actually plan to do a bit of revision but i am procrastinator..duh.i'm trying to get rid of it..please help me..

lately I've been quite emo or VERY emo..i don't bother..but sometimes it is annoying attitude..but I think I should praise myself here..I'd never show my emotion to my friends..I don't know why..I do share a lot of thinga with my closest friends but I think to be emotional in front of them it is  so not friend said a friend of her told her " eh,kawan ko tu cam sombong la,takut nk tegur'..i don't get angry but for me it is funny cause maybe in appearance I'm quite looking  as introvert person..dont know how to cop with stranger..I just can be myself  with my friend that i know since my 1st semester..that is me..I need to know how to get along with is important to make a social networking..i'm working on it now..:)

my mister said that I am too manja and he  must teach me to be independent woman..lolz..funny but I don't know..when  i feel no one cares about me i will  sulk..don't care la  my family,bf or whatnot.. I'm 22 and no one believed that..i remember on my way to balik kg the bus driver told me how come I am the university's student? he thought that I am 14years old school girl..:'( wtf? ok least awet mude..

back to the sulk things..i can't be honest when I am in sulking mood...don't ask me to tell everything or  to express everything..if everything back to normal then i can be myself and tell the truth..sorry if  I am so childish..:)
i just miss her so much :)