Friday, March 4, 2011

stay focuss

after 2 hours spending my time doing my full essay of my speech,I feel a bit release now..I give so much efforts on this 3rd public speaking because i don;t want banana fruit two times..hehehe.. Just waiting for the day to deliver my speech..and now it is all rely on my self esteem, self confidence and whatnot. I hope I can do the, I need to focus for my psycholinguistic midterm and then I will memorised my speech.. I hope I can speak nicely in front people and I can impress them. I really hope so.

now I can feel happy because i just want to be happy.. 2 days in row i cried in my sleep..such a baby. i am over sensitive when it comes to life. alah..actually there is no problem..but ya know me? i always make a big things of a small matter..xoxo..i don't want to go to class with sagging eye is so stupid...woo wooo..

i'm looking forward..i mean really forward..dear ALMIGHTY,i hope everything  will be fine and i hope we are free of any us the right way, the right path and i'm trying to be  a good muslimah..and i hope it soo..very much.