Friday, March 4, 2011

i learned, i fall and i learned again

worried of my midterm..damn..i need to stay focus. jgn main main..oh we went to the new library of usm..It is so cool ya know..that library was like high class to study..not as old library..the cushion.the desk and the environment are so fresh..i can stay and study there 12 hours but unfortunately the new one only open till 4.45pm..

and and..,sy malu arini sebab sebab sy pakai selipar kahwin..this is my first time pakai selipur jepun g campus..aritu sy selalu kutuk2 org yg pki selipar toilet g sy buat hari ni and sy terima padahnye..T_T

i love all the interior design

one table for one person to study is cool

arini jatuh tangga lagi sambil makan betik...loklaq nye sy..bye T-T