Thursday, March 10, 2011

the coolest youtube celebrity evah

yea..dude..for Malaysian you might know these youtuber people..mathluthfi and inianwarhadi..but for me the famous-coolest evah of course goes to nigahiga..the japanese-american guy together with his friends..go and visit his channel_nigahiga..i would say he is handsome, cool and funny yeah yeah..and damn you...with his lip-synching is so cool..

the most favourite video of mine evah  is never say ever..he tried to sing never say never(justin bieber) i don't know how to explain.just go and see the videoon ur own..heheh

now it is tremendously a trend among us to upload cool video in youtube,..but some are just annoying..if you are lucky, people will like you..but if you are not ..anda hanya dapat sumpah seranah je kot dr viewers..lolz..

enjoy the nigahiga video..* i was late to know him cause he already made  loadss of videos and he also get many offered to act in ya

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