Saturday, March 26, 2011

discovered ,recovered?

i'm not yet recovered from this sickness..T_T..yesterday, i'd mentioned you that i ate nonstop..yes..seriously non stop..i ate nasi lemak, roti, slices of cake, 1 set of mcd mac chicken burger, all kind of junkfood ,kerepek whatnot, milk,cereal, pepsi, nasi goreng kerabu+sambal belcan+thai sauce and plain soup ,nasi berlauk in 2 days la..but for me it 's a lot.. and now i'm suffered..i'm having a serious stomach ache,head ache,nausea, diarrhoea but thank God it is not a serious diarrhoea..

i didn't touch any rice since yesterday only slice of betik as alas perut and a slice of cake..perut i xboleh nak terima any kind of nasi dah..but today i ate half from haly rice with taufu...i need my energy back..i slept 48 seriously how can i shut my eyes like that? otak rasa berat nak mampus.

i have no mood to answer call. don't get angry with me if you called me 100 times and i didn't answer any of it..i have no mood,no mood ,no mood..xpaham paham ke,bye

SOS: i discovered someone is so childish..y u no act like your real age? you make me wanna always being sarcastic..everyone forget and move on their life..why don't you be part of them?

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