Sunday, March 27, 2011

i need some silent

i remove my blog's song cause i feel want to vomit every time i hear to it..though it's one of my favorite song..i need some changes.. i woke up just now and i saw my face..ya allah..kusamnye..i didn't scrub my face for 2 busy i i didn't lie..i didn't shave,cut my long nails and today i pampered anak org ape je dh ni..but everything's late..pimple start growing on my blemish face..i have extra sleep after i finished my 2nd assignment. i mean very long sleep like 48hours nonstop.

before sleep i always think,think and think about my life..can someone bring me to the right path? can you join me to the right path? bring it on..i need to cure my life. i just need to be home right now..i miss my parents a lot..thank GOD my mom got her medical check up already..and nothing to be worried about..alhamdulillah..

i'm not good in comforting people..but i'm good in keeping quite when i feel people need their privacy...indeed..i am not really friendly but i know what i need to do, how i need to react..ok..this is a funny part..lambat..* no need to understand cause i have no time to explain..bhahaha

i hope i can go back home next week..i miss my mum a lot..a lot and a lot..i can't live without my mom..and my dad too..haish..banyak perkara nak diusulkan bila pulang nanti..:o and i miss my mannnnn kureng skit sbb i miss my family more than i miss him..:P i miss my cat even more lol...

psst: i can't find where my handphone now..i texted with my sister just now and i think it slipped anywhere in my room..sure he will membebel nanti.

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