Monday, April 2, 2012


Assalamualaikum guys,

As I promised that day, today I'm going to blog about my educational trip to Bursa Malaysia and Management & Science University for Employability and Career Talk. Well, if you aware, employability is one of the issue among the fresh garduates student which soon i will be part of it.This September InsyaAllah :) Well, as what I gained from these talk, the most important things to get a job is our Personality and our CPGA! my GOd, if you want to get a good job and good pay, you must sell your self, 'sell' in a good way ok. :) so, study smart,get the good result, enhance you soft skill and leave it all to Allah. He knows the best for you. And after all, rezeki di tangan  Allah. Jangan bangga, being humble because of HIM you are everything. :)

in front of MSU 

I was hungry and we got these Gloria Jean's sandwiches and coffee. I smuggled one pack .Can't help.I'm hungry mann
With two of Bursa Malaysia officer or Manager. Well, i know i know i'm the shortest

Both of them are Professors(USM and MSU) ,our lecturer was so HILARIOUS.How come la +_+

Le me wanted to try my boyfriend favorite indoor sport.FAILED


I think that's all and next! vacation trip.There're thousand photos to select and definitely I'll choose the beauty photos of me..HAHA

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