Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Nanzan University Visit

 note: there are too many pictures in this entry

Assalamualaikum guys,

      Obviously I lied , I'm not going to update about my vacation (choosing too many pictures make me feel dizzy) .,So, I will just update about what happened during early semester. Basically Eida and I were signed up as  buddies last year(which the activity happened this year) to help the Japanese students and I kill two birds with one stone because at the same time it  was a chanced to me to improved my Nihon-Go! yeah, and I improved A LOT! maybe you can talk to me in Japanese next time.HAHA..

       They stayed here for one month to learn about Malaysian Cultural, Language, and Educational system, so, we as buddies have been asked to help them and teach them about Malaysian, and I think this is also one of the strategy to promote USM :) They had a lot activities like  Bahasa Malaysia tutorial, Traditional Malay dance, Cook Malay dish, Visit other states , Homestay and bla bla bla.

traditional malay attires! they look beautiful except that two malay girl

all the handsome boy

it was my bad tudung day. urgh

those 3 photos above were taken when we visited Mangroved somewhere in Perak :)


Cute Haruka goreng ayam!
(Nasi Beriyani in teh making)

I am an expert .I AM NOT
       I am tired uploading one photo at one time, apparently I am not a patient girl . So, I uploaded the photos that  I saw first and upload them together.I am lazayyyyy

NAP dinner 

BBQ day (it was the last day) I did nothing because i can't smell the smoke.HEHE

Japanese students call us Cantik Group ( Eida n me)I think this  photo can explains
being Diva all the times! pfft
see, I helped them !. Obviously for the camera purposed.tehee

after makan session, we handed them gifts and they gave present and friendship bracelet  to us too!
(I was terribly cried .noob)

I miss you Riho and Nao! <3

Canting Batik

both of them smells bad. haha

we were performing Traditional Dance to them. Actually this was hilarious if only you were there.

masyaAllah, she is very cuteeeeee
all of them wrote notes to me..overwhelmed :)

They are so many photos but these only I can upload (i stole most of the photos from Minami,that's why you can see her everywhere.HAHA. ) till then, assalamualaikum :)

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