Monday, March 26, 2012

too much too little

It has been almost 3 months since my lastt update! my God, I feel sorry my baby blog. Ignored you for quite sometimes :( I online everyday but I'd never browse you. Anyways, here come my mood again to update. Its hard even to update just a piece of thought taw..after gained some strength physically and mentally (figuratively mann), here is the day! Drum please? Well, don't talk around the point lah, you know me, i'll update blog whenever I feel sad

Well, for the 3 months being mia, heck! which one I want to update first? ok..let say, A LOT..buddies for Japanese students, our vacationnnnnnn yeahhh!, employability and career talk (i want to say something about this), classes, boyfriends err, bestfriends and the list goes on. But today I write nothing about that! HAHA. satu2 lah.


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