Sunday, June 26, 2011

you have to be pro in dealing with customer

Assalamualaikum =)

today ,my sis asked me to accompany her to send her lappy which she just bought it end of last, warranty period still in.. i;m having my PMS but i pity her to drive alone in the rain so i teman je la (my mom suruh pergi sebenarnye )..the laptop having a serious problem..tak boleh masuk dalam sistem pergi la format kat kedai then kena bayar myr80..dah la data semua hilang..pfft..but still..masih rosak..format kali kedua with IT technician in her school still same today we went to the outlet again and pekerja kat situ cakap nak checking dulu lah, itu lah,ini lah..blalalala..dah la unfriendly nice to your customer or at least you can just smile if you r having mense or whatever.. dulu mase nak beli laptop manis mulut promote tu lah ni lah..bile dah rosak macam2 alasan kena buat,kena bayar itu ini la..

senang je, if thing doesn't fix, tribunal pengguna kan ade? customers do not always right but we have our own
RIGHT, right? (if u know what i mean)


note: GCB burger best lah! i love the grilled chicken..! ;)

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