Sunday, June 26, 2011

dear you


i know we haven't been like we used too..i know i'm not a good girlfriend..i am unpredictable until you can't understand me at all..we were bickering  so much lately and there's nothing that make us happy lately..i know you have a lot of patience towards me,..i changed my mood whenever i want and being unexpected..

i get angry when you say that you love me and yea that's the words that i don't want to hear for now..i always make you geram when we went out for tried so hard to persuade me, make me feel better and i know you are fed up with me..i know because if i'm in your situation i'll do worst....i can't act like nothing happen..because i know there's a lot of things happened between us..we(you and me) changed without we realised. sometimes you forced me too much answering something i don't are not like before and i know i'm not like i used to..we are in the same phase...i wont blame you because i know we are both have our own mistakes.

today  you will attend for an interview..i know i am not a supportive gf..i hope you will achieve what you dream of and i know ,  i burden you a lot when i said i want to get married at the age of 25..i just want you have a bright life..i wish you will pass the interview..GOD willing.

note: why does every moment have to be so hard???


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