Friday, May 27, 2011


i gave up already to find out where the hell my charger was..i can't switch on my handphone at all..i don't even have any idea where it was? is it has  4 legs to play hide and seek with me? come on lah..tired taw tak bile cari bende tak jumpe2..siap my dad soal siasat aliff hakimi and bribe him rm20.oo if he admit he played with my charger..but he still refused or maybe he didn't play with it..:|..i doesn't make sense..

silly me..i didn't bring back my other cheap hp..hell la..geram taw tak..betapa bodohnye pergi tinggal anset satu lagi dalam store..dulu i was thinking to bring it back but malas since i hate packing too much wired stuff in my bag :|  I IS STUPID

and now, i can't get in touch with anyone..luckly i have the internet..but unlucky my boyfriend doesn't online until now..i need to borrow hp with my nephew..bye

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