Saturday, May 28, 2011



i have a good habit (in my opinion)..i can stick with one jeans sampai la dia lusuh but the bad one is i ignored other jeans in my wardrobe =_=.. but today, i feel a bit ashamed as i wore the same jeans last semester..*baru perasan lepas tengok pic dulu..i love the jeans a lot..not  exspensive and not too cheap..affordable! i remembered i first saw it,tried it once and terus pergi bayar..oh..btw, i bought it from Brand Outlate..

but now, i think i need to change to another jeans..sebab? the quality is totally out..after washed it I realised jeans tu jadi macam berbijik bulu dia..and semakin doesn't mean i'm getting skinny but that jeans getting melebarrrrr..duhh

i bet you know which jeans i'm talking about..heh heh..even my bf pernah tegur I.." kenapa asyik pakai jeans ni je?"(convert ke bahase terengganu ye :P)


drumstick xboleh nak kurus

kaki mengalami sunburned..muka mengalami pencahayaan :|

p/s :i'm worry of my dad..may God gives a good health to my parents..amiin

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