Saturday, May 14, 2011

reminiscing back

sometimes i hate blogspot..sigh..why la you must exist and i do know are one of my tempat luahan perasaan..i first start  blogging on 25/2/2010.. i still remember why i sign up and being a blogger..i read my sister's  blog and i think this is the place i can share my thought, memories,my sad emotions, angry and whatnot..reminiscing back, when i first blogging, i am with other guy which actually was not so called boyfriend at all..everyday i talked about him..duh,..pathetic giler hidup aku..i start knowing him when i clashed with my ex boyfriend..i know he hate me till death today cause i dumped him..i have my own  reasons..i can't stand with the relationship that i can't go through at all..i'm sorry..well,it's life..i do believe in carma and i know i got the carma few months after the break up ..

now i met the one in my life, this one i don't want to talk much..i still have a doubtful..sob sob..i hope our relationship will end up as good as it can..i know the one who always gave holy crap in our relationship was me,and you have a lot of patience towards this,.thank you syg

i miss my life back was 6 years ago.. but i don't want to be 17 girls who was freaking lazy to study addmath, lukisan kejuruteraan and civil engineering, i don't miss that part..i know,if i can turn back time, i will get straight a' if i know what my results was at that time..but semua benda ade hikmah..i end up in Usm now..alhamdulillah..i just miss people surrounded me that friends(people has taught about life to me most,tq), my exboyfriend(you seems to be a superstar now), teachers, and even driver bus..hoh hoh

i remembered the first time i had a date with my exboyfriend, i was alone in school park and i didn't take a shower "bodohnye,apesal aku xmandi before dating'', and he was waiting for me there, after a few minutes , guess what, the principal came! wah wah..kena marah and both of us were lari lintang pukang like hell..he went to the north and me to the south..hahaha..this was my funny dating moment taw :D honestly you are the one that i hardly to forget..i took almost 2 years and half to couple back and being un serious like i did:|

after all,i have a new life now, and i will move on with this,,i am 22 going to be, an english majoring student at USM, part time as khairul azwan's lover and full time as a daughter of my parents..may Allah bless my, the priority is my study and the rest is what i had mentioned..i want to be successful women who has a good carrier and i will feel secure then.

psst: no offense to anyone that related to this post..i just reminiscing back :)

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a n o n said...

hehe. thank u sbb sudi baca. baru tahu jugak kamu ad blog. =)