Monday, November 1, 2010

is that ghost?

i write this entry now..n i won't dare to read it again ... coz i am so scared nk mampus.. it was about what happened last night..

last night we went to was about 2 am..i guess...i went out at 9 pm and kol 2am tu  sbb ade mslh teknikal so we headed  situ jap...ok was a gloomy night i guess..i mean i'm not gloomy..just the weather..ada paham? for me it was one of my memorable night as wel..ok..don't wanna talk bout that...

everything started bile kitorg otw kt one road ..otw to gurney,..sorry..i am road xigt jln ape..ade one car from the  opposite road tibe2 hon..mesti la pelik..then 1 lg kete len plak hon..what's was going on?..he said that maybe it was ribut  dkt pantai, that time ....mse tu mmg xd kete..1 or 2 he turned way back and headed to my my mind..oh mai GOD...jgn le ribut tibe2..sbb at that time i just thought but ribut je..nothing paranormal ke hape,..nk jadi cite smpi dkt my hostel bole le plak sesat and and kitorg sesat dkat tmpt yg same kot..maybe smpi more than 10 times..lolz..kelaka pon ade..i even can"t see my university...after 1 hour and a half bru le jumpe my hostel! lo..creepy giler but funny!!! when he safely reached at his home he PM me like below:

lol..he didn't rep my last msg..and i really wondered ! till morning...and today i text him again ask what did he saw last nite..and finally he told me he saw kain putih kt belakang kete!! CREEPY!!!!!!!!!!
da ..xnk cakap..byeee!

oh..and also thanx to you for the comely kepit2 ..lolzz

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