Tuesday, November 2, 2010

i ma loner..

2.18 am..i am wide awake dh..td kol 10 tido..oo...bangun la bangunla eida...asal ko tido awal ha?bangun le bangun le..nk terkencing nih.. semalam lepas subuh baru tido..ok..bkn mslm..everynight..i mean we will go to sleep pling awal kol 3am..wooo..nape leh tido td..haaa...kan padang muke mung! da takde org temang..alolo.....i hate being alone..act..penakut..lolz..so terpaksa le bukak lampu .. i thought my mister mesti da snooring dh ni..he didn't reply  my msg at all ..I've sent you 3 times! laa..tu la..td tido x nyempat2  xrep msg die..syg!wake up pleasee....teman sy....asal tido awl mlm ni..hmmph! time2 ni la tido awalnye...hish..jahat giler..lululu!

badly! i ma loner tonight,,so i will use you bloody bloggy to keep me merapu2..:)

eh eh eh..the good news  is i'll be back home this friday night...smpi rumah kejap giler kot..and will headed to KL for my sister's wedding ceremony..belah laki,..so kire xbalik la..just meet my parents je la kot and will spend most of the time lam kete or sleep......sorry i couldn't meet you my mister and wish you can fetch me at the terminal..jumpe jap pon jadikla..kan kan kan...jmpe dgn muke baru bangun,eye bag besar gedabak yg xnk ilang2, taik mata penuh sbb tdo macam gajah dlm bas..lolz..anyways, you will look my natural face..HAHAHA! lame giler

yesterday i called my mum and have  a lil conversation with her..and finally she asked me..duit ade lg ke x?
you know my answer? lol..i ma good daughter kan..so dgn confident nye jawab,..ade..cukup lagi..hahaha!

and whatnot..today i called her and tell her ..mi ,nak duit..lol!  oh okay..esok masuk..haha..thanx GOD...u saved my day here..love you both umi abah..fyi,my ptptn loan for this semester balanced is rm5 .believe me..and it was about 3 months or i don;t know..no..don't blame me for keep boros boros..i jimat giler taw x..the government should be blamed about..bagi duit ciput giler...mane nk survived for whol sem! my bad..i should apply for JPA  scholarship mse 1st sem ni..sem ni nk apply mmg x dapek la dh result cam shitty..ingat i ni  TAN SRI's daughter ke hape  everyweek nk kna rely on my parents "bank"..no no no.. i don't wish it either..

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