Monday, September 13, 2010

lot a lot lot!

i've a lot of things to update...until i can't write
yea..i really really do..this hari rayas brought so much fun for me!

and also..lil bit sadness..T__T.. alah..c'mon la..lil bit je ok...
i took a lot of pics..soon if i have leisure time i'll update any pics.. ooh..and if internet really welcome me to update..this broadband mcm gampang..seriously..

man..i told u! i just got rm5o from my only one bro..ok..stop it..
dont want to recall anything..tsk tsk tsk..

i dont want to lost u anymore and replace u with anything..hek2...selit2 ayt jiwang sket..:)

oh.RIP to allahyarhamah datok sosilawati and 3 others....n sape2 yg terlibat moga dpt balasan dunia akhirat.
p/s: *money doesnt guarantee ur life and ALLAH will take ur life whenever HE wants to..selamat beramal..and me too...


sYZanA said...

aik...bkn u dpt 150 ke??yg bg??i bg??

sya rossa said...

manemanemanemne? i should get 5oorm