Sunday, April 25, 2010

tahniah SYA! keep it up baby...:)

morning...rase bangga dkt dri sndiri ari ni sbb dpt rse cam da dpt idup ku blik..i mean my life back to normal..hehe... yeaa..finally..smlm tido pde wktu yg sihat..kol 12.30 then wake up at 6.a.m...dgr azan trus bgun and didn't sleep at all after subuh..hehe...i am really that fresh now....hehe....bkk fb tgok la page cousin aq..SHARIFAH NABILA...and nmpk la die ade upload pic tok wan at the day she dead...gonna miss u tok wan..:)...happy and sad ..semua ade...:)) u are so nice that's why everybody loves you and u deserve

..someone did say 'when i talked about honesty,u denied' didn't deny it larh...

it is not all about honesty...lie did happen all around ur life..ur almost did 24hrs and soon u'll face it again.. if u take it positive u can face it...yea...that statement is about love or means loyalty..but i dun want to talk about it..honesty ..u know how to be honest..honest to your parents friends and long as your heart is full of love,care,and most important is IMAN..everyone needs it kan...

start ur day with new spirit..and i am also trying to live my life...after all happened to me...lost someone that u love is the most hard thing..ALLAH sygkan tok wan...naahh...u can keep that in ur one of ur theraphy kann...:) life is getting better if u.ursekf trying to make it better..workhard and work smart is important..hope is zero without

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