Wednesday, April 28, 2010


lol..paper x abes ag da mau enjoy..da la paper pling tough sya oi..ur major paper tu..

wait..nt smbung...ade calll!! haha

11.55pm..i'm back..
hahhahaa, laugh..sgt sakit perut..heeee
okep..ermm..2morrow will going to KL 4 a few days..i still have 2 papers..5th and come i leh nk g jln2..ermm...but i need t o go there la..:)
hope..i can answered dis last paper dgn cemerlangLY...haha...

6th MAY i'll be back home..oh...can't wait! miss everything in my house...the house...the backyard...the kitchen..the cats...the stuff and most remembered people in that house..miss all of u damn damn much!!hahah....erm..quite sad coz i dunno wat will happen to my result..ermm..:((

hope i will arrive KL safely esok and hope dpt p genting..:))erm.. kalo u dpt duet laa...ish..xpe...xksah ..jnji dpt release tension..INSYAALLAH..hope everything will be fine and safe..may ALLAH bless all..muahhxxx!!

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cik kiki said...

g kl ker??
owh safe journey!!
nmpaknye takda org la kat kiub..huhu