Friday, May 11, 2012

Malu and HIM

reminiscing back the old time.. I should be ashamed..and regret, but it's not the time to do that. Allah gives me change..Allah loves us.. whenever we fall, He is ready to help..all we have to do is doa.. istiqamah and PASSIONATE in whatever we wanna do..sometimes we don't even remember HIM although we are in difficulties but subhanaallah..He help us! we just a small creature.who are we to be this arrogant? may Allah forgives our past, our bad things that we have done..amiin

past still past..yeah..but the reason Allah creates past is for you to learn gain something..just to be a better person..I want He loves me.always but I have to love HIM  first..EVERY MINUTE IN MY LIFE insyaAllah..lead me to jannah.. i love everyone around family, my friends, they are kind, supportive..never let me down..thanks Allah for not letting me go far from you.. sometimes I forget you, sometimes I remember you..but I don't want that SOMETIMES. all I want is ALWAYS..I  want to always remember you, serve for you..always be a good servant..cause I am nobody without you the Almighty ;')

           Sometimes it takes a very big mistake we make in life to transform us into the best of people

some of my good friends..some went back home at this time :P

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