Saturday, October 29, 2011


assalamualaikum and alhamdulillah..

complete classmates aka big family with one of our beloved lecture Dr.Azimah ..LOVELOVELOVE

after a very looooong hiatus i guess about 2 months since raya i was away without pen down anything in my blog..

my life went smoothly , with my family,friends,study and still.. the same boyfriend :) but something happened beloved grandma passed away but still thankful to Allah cause she 'went' there  peacefully in front of my parents without any difficulties..yes..masih rase janggal..menghadap hari2 sekarang dah tak ade..AL FATIHAH..kita pulak nanti penuhkan amal untuk mengikut yang dah pergi :)

anyway, tomorrow i will going back to PENANG! just for 4 days and come back home again for hari raya haji ..after that? hate to say this..will be busy with loads of assignment...but but but..i love all my subjects this semester..hip hip horey!!! :)

note: my typing skill still doesnt show any  improvement at all..lot of typoS , grammatical errorS and whatnot..maybe this is my trademark? NOT. 

nite :)

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