Monday, July 25, 2011

jawab tag sebab malas nak cerita hidup yg tak berapa nak smooth lately

ok..aku taw title panjang nak mati..

jum..jawab tag!

Please state your current brand of the following:

1. Hair Shampoo :
head & shoulders anti dandruff or any type of H&s only

2. Hair Conditioner :

3. Facial Foam :
safi perfect10

4. Scrubs :
Himalaya herbs scrub

5. Toner:
clean & clear

6. Body lotion :
last product that i purchased was vaseline but i am alergy to all types of for now

7. Shower soap :
johnson baby milk bath
*kat rumah main hentam je pakai yg ade dlm bilik air

8. Facial Powder :
garnier light face powder (i'm satisfieddd)

9. Lipstick :
Lipice sheer color (common la for 'teenagers' ..hee)

10. Perfume :
Body shop (ambik yg akak tapi xpnah pkai)
Avon pink roll on (jumpa lam kete abah,,Tehee)

11. Deodeorant :
Adidas Flora!n(my all time favorite! influenced by my sis)

PART B (cloth)

Just state the favourite brand that you have only:

1. Outfit :
mostly padini/ pdi and harajuku..(ni je brand mampu beli :(
brand lain ade satu dua je
cap siam and china

2. Jeans :
brand outlet

3. Baju kurung/melayu :
raya je tempah

4. Shoes :

5. Slippers :
Takde brand..yg 20myr

6. Hijjab :
baru ade brape hlai beli sndiri

8. Belt :
xda brand

9. Sport Shoe :
Puma (sis passed down)

10. Socks : 
Puma(beli sendiri..lololol)

11. Watch : 
Swiss(gift from sis)
Guess AA (gift from boyfriend.."AAA'  HAHAHA)

overall, you can assume yourself dat i'm a poor girl ..:(
bagi la duit sikit..:(

assalamualaikum :)

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