Friday, June 10, 2011

who i was to make YOU wait?

i know..people might think this is just overrated..i have many people to share my feeling..but no..i feel better if i write it canvas as i thought.. i write with my heart not my mouth..i read with my heart not my mouth

i feel like i am wrong in making the moment i spilled out everything and when i woke up i started to regret that.i hope that is just temporary.,,may it be the healing phase or i am wrong again? or i wast hasty in making decision?

ii am empty..not pathetically empty..i am not empty all of the time..well..sometimes we need someplace , some TIME to be silence..because all of the things happened..

i was wrong..i was the one who saying goodbye..but i can't see the future between us..arghh..i am torn between..TORN BETWEEN..apart from that i feel useless..i don't have faith in my heart..shaky over the times..sometimes i saw the light and out of the blue i start to blind my eyes again..i should blame myself..GOD had show me is me..who has a blind HEART

assalamualaikum =)

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