Thursday, June 9, 2011


Which is more important? Your proud ego or the dream you wish to achieve? Your so-called pride, or the person you wish for the most?
Ego is nothing but pride in its inflated form. If it is what you prioritize, you lose what you want. And when you lose what you want, all you are left with is your ego. Nothing more.

found in someone's Tumblr
it reflects me this moment....

MAN..hard to understand..seriously sometimes i hate to admit i hate him so much..the sweetest moment can split in any second and became the worst and horrible experienced that you don't want to remember..

they can say sorry for thousand times and keep repeating the same mistakes with the how-many-chance we gave.. meanwhile, the don't like the second option..break up..why? cause you love the girl so much?? but at the same times you hurt the girl as ALWAYS ??

apparently ego is everything..


it isn't enough for your heart to break because everybody's heart is broken now

don't mess with my mense. i can kill you like chucky..*grinned


*i removed some contents cause it is just fool

assalamualaikum =)

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