Wednesday, June 22, 2011

tak tahu tajuk

there was a day that i couldn't remember the happened last week..ala..earthquake dekt indon tu tapi gegaran turut dirasai di KL, P'jaya, etc etc..and i was alone at home i boleh rase apartment tu bergoyang for a few second..huis..cuak..because i am alone..and hungreh..

waiting my sis and we headed to ss14 cause i was craving of pizza! nahh..craving didn't mean i finished all the meal until licking my ate half and quarter of what i had ordered..kecian duit kakak I..huehue..

then headed to I city..jauh drive tapi takde ape pon..alang2 my sis nak karok dekat citu..

my languages are horrible..both English and Japan totally nowhere..i have no idea what to write anymore..:"(

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