Thursday, June 23, 2011

KL GANGSTER-this is not film's review

assalamualaikum =)

moning peeps! i know i would be the last person to talk about this film..but watevevah..i'm not gonna give any review of the movie..let just say the story quite awesome, simple cause the short duration, straight forward, etc etc..

but, i'm not watching it because of  i'm a big fan of  Aaron or Syamsul..but i am a diee hard fan of ZIzangg..:D..i think besides of the other factors, the most factor that made the movie boost in cinema cause of Zizan's character..gelak xhengat..

oh.btw i watch this movie on my sister's birthday!..haha..sengal ade orang menangis pakwe xbagi hadiah..last2 dapat jugak cincin sampai belek 10 kali...booo :D

kek dh lenyek2 dah

excited.i know si chubby..hekhek

btw..the entries are not based on chronology..because i am totally forget which one comes first..huehue

anywayy..happy birthday my dearest sister..I love you and I know you love me too...always have a faith in everything you do and make God as everything beyond everything...xoxo :) guess what i gave her? Elianto blush pot...ehem hem hemmm

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IMAfiq said...

seriously dah tak chubby sangat dah