Wednesday, June 8, 2011



sometimes i hardly to get down with something which i think i deserve it..maybe it happened just as i expect it to be either failure or success.. don't lie to ourselves..we know what we la..sometimes something happened beyond our expectation.. but it is all on our God's hand...we plan,Allah determines.. just bear in mind that Allah gave everything according to out efforts..sometimes he doesn't give exactly like we want but there's a wisdom behind the incident.. back to the basic, work hard,study hard , pray and lastly just tawakkal..=)

life is just easy alas we don't make it complicated..don't take too much on something...make everything simple..go get something that can soothe your life..give you a freedom but keep a faith in yourself..

understand the lyrics of the song..given from my lecture Dr.rita..thank you cause introduce us to Pete Murray's songs..=)

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