Wednesday, May 4, 2011

sad gone

did I mentioned you that  I haven't sleep yet? it has been more than 24 hours now..i am worried to today i went out with my;s like all my pics xboleh bukak mate langsung..gegege...most of us didn't get enough sleep cause we were struggling for today paper..muka semua mengantok tapi gagahkan jugak hati nk hang out same2 cause lepas ni we all xboleh jumpe dah for 5 months semester breaks..Insyaallah panjnag umur kite jumpe lagi..I love you buddies :)

haifa siap tidur dalam iman

eye bagger bagger

waiting for desert!

1 comment:

Nens Collection said...

Alahai ciannye die...bengkak mata2..papepon gud luck blajar adlah ms yg paling sronok dik..huhu