Tuesday, May 17, 2011


i need some privacy in my life cause i exposed too much in internet about my current activities and whatnot..so i'll start with removing friends that i langsung tak kenal and i will exchange my blog url..tapi yang blog url ni susah la sikit..i malas la pulak nak bagitau sorang url baru i..i takkan nak expose sini dah name i tak nak semua orang taw..takpe..i'll think about it later..for those my facebook's friends yang kena remove tu i am sorry and no hard feeling please T_T..i need some space..cewahh.aayt cam artis..haha..whatever.

lagipon you all tak rugi ape2 kena remove pon..cause i am nobody :)
lenguh nak remove..baru remove beberapa orang yang initial name baru smpai ke c..padahal memang dah tak ramai dah friend dalam FB..


update: i 've decided to change my blog url! wink wink..tonight i will change it :)

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