Wednesday, May 11, 2011

new world begin

it is not like the new world order or just like now i feel like i'm moving to the next phase of my life..including my fashion sense..dulu i used to like something that attractive,,means like"oh my God, he can see from miles aways according to my outfit of the day'..haha..just kidding..but it is something like that la..

it is normal when before this  we used to like the fancy stuffs,  zaman remaja katakan.and now tell me, we might look people annoying or ewwww bile contohnye dy pakai outfit serba serbi pink..that's normal..sorryla,i'm not good in giving a comfy words...i threw what i thought..her her

and now, i feel like i'm going to like handbag..dulu bukan main cakap handbag ni untuk orang,i can say that i'm in tua phase ke sekarang?'s matured phase dude..

actually,i'm looking for  a new wallet but i want it long lasting and simple..not too fancy and not too over sparkling..maybe something likes pastel or soft in

marc jacobs..would be niceee

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