Sunday, May 15, 2011

my cat is so cute

my cat likes to drink plain water..geesh...she took almost 15 minutes to drink air paiip..heh..last night, she waited for my grandma(which usually take a long time in toilet) really in front of the toilet's door just to drink air cute..

few days ago, when i was watching television, she suddenly came and sit besides me..
oooh..i guessed ok lah..maybe she wanted to sleep with me..
then she meoowed banyak kali dekat i..
ok, i thought again, maybe toilet's door is closed and she can't opened it
so i opened the door and she ran quickly and masuk toilet tu and minum air paip =_=

how cute you are :)

p/s: language also cute too..likes standard 1 pupil write their english paper :\

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