Friday, November 12, 2010

so not mee

pheww..i''ve changed a new background again..oh sorry..i can't stop my urged to change it again and again.. i am so birdies one..can't stick with one thing for such a long thought i just changed the latest one yesterday and well i did it again tonight...oh my!whateverzz la u long as it is my blog..i write this for me..

arghh..i am so hungry right now..i want nasi..but i lose my appetite to eat nasi .. i want it..nak lauk ketam masak lemak like my mum always did 4 know my typical org kampung punye fav and even kalo mkn nasi kat kafe pon i akn amik..ok la..i love nasi dgn  kicap..and u ca give me any lauk as long as kicap cap kipas udang love it... don't want my baby hitam lepas kawen nt coz of my habit..kalo laki takpelah..hahaha!

now sume org tengah exam..i just don't want to tell you about my roomate..she is so hardworking...die ngadap journal aku ngadap fb..haha..die makan nescafe aku makan burger..die bace notes aku tengok gossip girl..why sya! you supposed to learn from's just too .not T.T..

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